We provide a huge range of specialist assessments to schools and individuals. We offer exceptionally high quality, up to date, exciting and engaging CPD for schools and various settings at both INSET and accredited CPD starting at level 2. This way staff gain an accredited qualification in areas of S.E.N.D as part of their career professional development. You can join our online Teacher Academy for online courses and support here https://esendi.learnworlds.com/

The team also provide assessments including our highly recognised Barrier to Learning Assessments, dyslexia/dyscalculia/dyspraxia assessments and screenings in ADHD, Austism, Auditory Processing and Sensory Processing. We pride ourselves in offering individually tailored support and consultancy to meet the needs of each and every school and their pupils.

“Katie is friendly, approachable and her knowledge and enthusiasm with all areas of S.E.N.D is truly inspiring!” – Headteacher, Preston