Esendi Services can support SENCOs, School Staff and Parents offering a range of support services.

We can support those with a range of needs including communication and interaction • cognition and learning • social, emotional and mental health • sensory and/or physical needs. We can support and assess for individuals with dyslexia, Irlen® Syndrome, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

At ESENDI we offer a huge range of support for all areas of SEND. If what you are after isn’t on this list, then please do get in touch to find out how we can support your needs!

ESENDI Individual/Group Support

  • Assessments, monitoring, tracking and reviewing Literacy and Maths interventions, IEP/pupil plans- graduated approaches developed in accordance with the New SEN (September 2014 Code of Practice) “Assess, Plan, Do, Review”
  • 1:1/small group structured evidence based interventions for all areas of S.E.N.D
  • Therapeautic Support Services, including psychotherapy, dyadic development psychotherapy, play therapy, art therapy, family therapy and speech and language therapy.
  • Experienced education and health professionals to support staff working with children, young people and adults
  • Lead professional role at meetings
  • Dyslexia and ICT work place assessments

ESENDI Whole School Support/Educational Establishments/Workplace

  • Consultancy for all staff to enable inclusion for all children with additional needs
  • Free initial SEND audit
  • Analysis of data for provision mapping
  • Pupil Premium Reviews – fulfilling statutory requirements and demonstrating impact
  • Development of whole school approach to inclusion
  • SENCo support and part-time SENCo role- developing/updating policies and procedures and best practice working within the new SEN Code of Practice (September 2014) and current legislation Bespoke training- offering a range of endorsed and accredited training programmes
  • Supporting workplaces and charities with development of inclusive practice-looking at how inclusive are you are as an organisation and how you can meet current regulations around inclusion
  • Provision of a range of professionals, including Specialist Teachers, Educational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Play Therapists, Parent Support Workers.

ESENDI Parent/Home Support

At ESENDI, we recognise that parents and carers need support too. Therefore, we offer an advice service that gives:

  • Confidential and impartial information
  • Information on the Local Offers and can sign post you to local support groups/forums
  • Information and support regarding SEN support in school and the SEND graduated approach
  • Information and support on local practice and policies
  • Information, advice and support in relation to EHC plan assessment process
  • Support in preparing for and attending meetings
  • Training for parents/carers on supporting your child with S.E.N.D
  • Information on school admissions and exclusions

Currently, this service usually takes place via phone and email support for parents. Schools often request parental support as part of the individualised specialist role within schools and a member may work within schools/home to provide this service. Any member of the team offering this support is trained to advise on: The SEN legal framework, The duties on local authorities, The duties on schools and further education institutions, Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessments, EHC plans: Naming a school or FE institution in an EHC plan, Personal budgets and direct payments, Changing plans (annual review, transfer/ ceasing to maintain an EHC plan), Mediation and the SEND tribunal, Education Act 1996.

Please contact us today to arrange your FREE SEN audit/meeting to discuss your needs.  Costs are competitively priced and depend on your requirements. Please contact us for further information.

“The ESENDI Specialist Teacher has gone above and beyond what we were expecting. She is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and both the children and the staff enjoy working with her. She has demonstrated effective intervention monitoring, assisted with the development of school SEN policies, developed informative and engaging SEN information reports, in addition to helping to develop a whole school approach to SEN.” – Headteacher, Chorley